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MarleyGard LINK BACnet/IP Communication Panel

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The MarleyGard LINK provides an interface between a Building Management System (BMS) and a Marley control panel to monitor cooling tower status points and analog readings using BACnet/IP LAN systems.

Basin Heater Steam Injection

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Penberthy NWH bronze steam jet heaters are available for freeze protection (installation by others) in cooling tower cold water basins.

Reflex Fan Cylinder

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Velocity recovery, particularly in large fan cylinders, is vital to overall fan efficiency. It is accomplished by a gradual increase in the diameter of the fan cylinder above the fan.

SGS IEC Series Evaporative Condenser

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The new SGS IEC Series answers your need for an industrial evaporative condenser that is precision engineered, carefully manufactured and easy to install.

Marley HP7000 Cooling Tower Fan

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The unique flared tip design of the HP7000 blade creates a performance advantage. The airfoil is optimized to move more air with less effort than fans equipped with straight blade tips. The flared tip aids air movement next to the fan cylinder wall. The result is one of the most efficient cooling tower fans available- the HP7000.

Marley NC Cooling Tower

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The NC not only sets the benchmark for low sound levels, it also sets the benchmark for some of the highest crossflow tonnage densities per box in the industry.
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