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This week, our Overland Park location had its first blood drive since the pandemic, with lots of donations from our team! Big thanks to Community Blood Center and Polar Oasis for all their hard work. And thanks to everyone who donated!


Although not commonly used in cooling towers, #SPXMarley and #SPXRecold products utilize copper coils for the many benefits that they offer to the end user. Read more about the plus side of using copper here:

With our CoolSpec™ Product Selector, you can find the right cooling tower based on your load AND the space you have available. Login or register today to get started:

As operators continue to find ways to conserve water and energy in their buildings, optimizing performance of their cooling solution is paramount. To that end, #SPXMarley has introduced the CoolBoost Opti FC Control Panel: Learn more here:

The #SPXMarley brand is the cooling tower of choice for some of the largest data center operators in the world. Evaporative cooling can offer greater energy efficiency and lower water consumption. Learn more here:

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